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Founded in 2011, Control Freak is all about getting the technology in your hands and keeping it simple. We do the heavy lifting in the background so you have a welcome user experience that will last years to come. Our team provides high quality installation of advanced automation in new homes and businesses as well as retrofit of existing homes and commercial properties.

Control Freak serves the northern New Jersey area and will be happy to help with any of your Audio, Video, Home Theater, Security, Lighting and Climate Controls needs.

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Netzer started in the electronics and automation field over 15 years ago providing new technology to the growing home automation market. Netzer is a well respected and forward thinking problem solver in consistently finishing projects more than fulfilling client expectations. He has maintained a dedication to continued education through industry trade organizations such as CEDIA.

Currently as owner, Netzer oversees all projects and client interaction, bringing all his expertise to right to a customers front door.

Prior, Netzer was Chief Engineer for Sixth Avenue Electronics, a regional electronics company once as large as 19 stores spanning New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Netzer was responsible for implementing all new automation technology, working with over 40 technicians in the field and addressing any client concerns.


Read about what has been written about local Control Freak projects.

Fiber-Optic Lighting Keeps Home Teater Aglow

May 17, 2011

Don’t underestimate the impact of lighting in your home theater. Just because it’ll be a darkened room when the movie starts doesn’t mean all the lights have to be turned off, and don’t forget that there’s more than just sconce lighting out there. Read more...

Backyard Music System Pricks Up Ponies’ Ears

May 03, 2010

The ponies have their own music, 24/7. It could be pop music, classical or even talk radio.
They also have their own security system. Cameras inside and outside of their barn are visible on touchscreens and TVs in the main house. Read more...

Control Freak possesses the knowledge and skills to bring a project to fruition.


Home Automation Programming

- Control 4

- Elan Home Systems / Home Logic / G! Programming

- Universal Remote Control Programming

- Logitech / Harmony installion


Cedia Electronic Systems Technician II

Cedia Electronic Systems Technician III (Advanced EST)

Cedia Electronic Systems Designer

CompTIA Network+ 2009

OSHA 10-hour Occupational Safety And Health training course

Control 4 Tech I & II

Elan University PHD

Universal Remote Control Network certified installer


Electronic House Home of the Year 2010 Outdoor Space

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